Stealth Cabin

Covert and compact, this modern wood cabin occupies a small footprint to minimize its environmental impact and blend into the surroundings. 


Situated on a lake near Bracebridge, Ontario, this modest cabin integrates harmoniously with its wooded surroundings and treads lightly on the land. The home was sited to preserve a maximum number of trees while its scale and proportions strive for minimal physical and visual impact. 

A contemporary take on a traditional log cabin, the sculptural design for Stealth Cabin was inspired by an overturned boat found on the property: the origami-like folds of the roof emulate the sloping lines of a keel. The home relies on wood for both structural strength and aesthetic warmth. Alternating between slatting and shakes to offer textural and tonal variety on the exterior, the cedar cladding traces the form of the structure. As the untreated cedar components weather and fade over time, the cottage will recede even further into the landscape.

A delicate screen of thin horizontal cedar bands wraps around part of the enclosed porch, enabling a Hitchcockian play of light and shadow that casts lines of illumination against the lines of wood. Large floor-to-ceiling wood-framed windows and doors overlook the lake to the south and provide access to a long cedar deck. Cedar boards line the home’s walls and ceilings, creating an immersive aesthetic offset by grey and green material finishes. The wood provides a warm backdrop for the daily play of light that comes through the generous glazing and skylight above the kitchen-dining area.

The home was designed to take advantage of passive ventilation and cooling in the summer. A high-efficiency fireplace, ducted under the slab, provides supplemental heating in the winter. The south side of the house features a radiant in-floor heating system, allowing the family to close off the north half of the cabin when they are not using it to reduce energy consumption.

Images: Shai Gil


Bracebridge, ON
1,500 sf
Halcrow Yolles (Structural), Barzelle Designs (Millwork), WPML (Contractor)

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