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Sunshine Sketches: Drawings by Superkül principals included in global publication from Thames & Hudson

Making Marks: Architects’ Sketchbooks – The Creative Process – the followup to Will Jones’s Architects’ Sketchbooks – has just been released, and once again, drawings by Superkül principals Meg Graham and Andre D’Elia are featured. Revealing why and how hand-drawing still matters, this global survey presents the freehand drawings, vibrant watercolours and abstract impressions of 60 renowned architects. Meg describes the role that sketching plays in the studio’s design process: ‘Sketching is such a foundational way of thinking for us, because it is so instinctive. There is no software between the brain and hand, impeding the flow of information or jamming the signal. We sketch forms and places that are curious, interesting, beautiful or inspiring, which then enter our collective memory and become part of the flow of information.’